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Calisthenics/Street Workout and Functional training centre

The Yard Arena is the home of the Primal Warfare playground; an Outdoor fully equiped gym for all your Calisthenics; Streetworkout and Functional fitness requirements. Go back to your roots and enjoy the great outdoors while getting fit. Training can take place at night as floodlights are available.

Service Offering

Personal Training

Have a session with a personal trainer dedicated to focusing on your individual goals using your own bodyweight.


Use your body and your surroundings to improve strength; get fit; toned and learn to manipulate your body and have fun while doing so

Group Classes

Meet like minded individuals; with focus on generic bodyweight movements and static progressions

Street Workout

Use the strength and techniques gained from Calisthenics and combine them into a rhythmic art-piece

Weights with a Twist

Learn to use weights and your body, to put your body to the test; to generate even greater strength


Flying ladder icon small.png

Flying Ladder

Pull-up ladder, used for greater muscle recruitment and explosiveness



Various angled benches that can be used for exercises like sit-ups and dragon flags


Climbing Rope

Climb a 4 meter rope, great for functional training and building upper body strength



We have weights which includes an Olympic bar and Weight plates for those wanting to take part in Streetlifting.

Salmon ladder icon.png

Salmon Ladder

Ascend to the top of a pair of vertical posts  by hopping a free-moving bar up one rung at a time

Dip bars.png

Dip Bars

Three parallel dip bars can be used for dips; freestyle; handstands


Battle Rope

Pack lean mass; reduce strength imbalances and improve cardiovascular activity while swinging ropes



Unisex bathrooms with shower should you wish to change or get ready for work

The Yard poles black.png

Street Workout Bars

Workout bars at 2.5; 2.3 and 1.9 meters height and 2/2.5 meters apart

Monkey Bars.png

Monkey Bars

Vertical and horizontal bars great for building upper body and grip strength



Go back-to-basics with a cannonball with a cast-iron handle, for that whole-body workout

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