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"Find your rhythm; and move with it."






Qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach
Bootcamp; HiiT Instructor and Sports Nutrition

Been training weights on and off for the last 14 years and has a Dark Brown belt in Kickboxing. He started doing calisthenics 4 years ago and more recently Street-workout and found his passion and never looked back. He has since taken up wall climbing and Obstacle course racing to improve stamina and grip strength.

Corporate worker by day and part-time monkey every other day.

His main focus is calisthenics and street workout and includes weights with a twist to challenge his clients



Qualified Personal Trainer & Conditioning coach
HiiT Instructor; Strength for Fat loss

She was never one for sports; but only much later

found her passion for fitness having to seek help 

for her own weight loss goals and to get out of her sedentary habits. 

She wants to help others learn to enjoy; challenge

themselves and see the benefits that

exercise can bring. 

Her main focus is functional training; strength for

fat loss and HIIT by working with weights; bands

and bodyweight training.

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With Motocross and downhill mountain biking under his belt from an early age;

he was still a little overweight so he started his fitness journey with boxing

and then found calisthenics and hasn't looked back since

Strength: Weighted Calisthenics

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Started Calisthenics to improve his physique but then 

found his passion in the sport and has since started training for strength and Street Workout.

Strength: Statics and Freestyle



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Andrew began calisthenics after a brief attempt at CrossFit. He realised the gymnastics components were

what he really loved. He wanted to focus not only on how many reps he could perform; but also how

he could do this with perfect form. Calisthenics offered this opportunity to do something

beautiful and exciting; the aesthetic gains were just an added bonus.

Strength: Statics and weighted calisthenics


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Keenan even after participating in school sports like Rugby and cricket was never happy and was always

skinny. His journey within calisthenics started in 2019 to improve the way he looked and while doing so;

began to fall in love with the sport and the idea of having complete control over ones body.

He now not only feels better about his physique, but can now do things he never thought was 


Strength: Freestyle and Strength moves

"Do you have what it takes."



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Rodney is 24 years of age and started his career in calisthenics in 2014. Before that he did weight training but found it boring and repetitive. After seeing a video of Frank Medrano in 2014 he instantly fell in love with the sport. He has been competing in Street Workout competitions since 2015, and loves learning new skills and  gaining strength​

Strength: Freestyle and Strength moves

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