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Your premier calisthenics and street workout playground

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About PrimalWarfare
PrimalWarfare is your one stop shop for calisthenics and streetworkout -  it was born 4 years ago when the owners love for calisthenics grew into a passion for the ability to manipulate their own body to perform new moves; by developing the strength; flexibility and mobility required without the need to even step into a gym, but by simply using what was around him to challenge him.  
"Making the world your playground"
We offer training facilities; skills workshops; group training; and online workouts and coaching through the Primal application; apparel and calisthenics specific equipment.
It has since developed into helping individuals of all ages reach their full fitness potential to do something completely different; have fun while doing it and built confidence required to tackle the real world. We also assist athletes wanting to compete in street workout and strength training competitions but not only Athletes in this sport but in any sport as it has been proven to improve strength and explosiveness in any sport.
Primal Warfare is a member of the WSWCF and SASWCA associations so you are rest assured that you will be getting the best training in Calisthenics and Street Workout possible.
What is calisthenics?
The term calisthenics comes from the Greek words “Kalos” meaning beauty and “Stenos” meaning strength. It is the ancient art of using the body to achieve true strength; bodily fitness and grace of movement.
What is Street workout (aka Freestyle or Urban Calisthenics)?
Street workout can be interchangeably used alongside Freestyle and it is taking what you have learn't through the art of Calisthenics and combining them into two parts Strength training which includes isometric holds like: back lever; planche and strength movements : single arm pull-ups; muscle-ups and dynamic movements :  Hafesto; 360; shrimp flip and combining them into a rhythmic art-piece for competition purposes. Urban Calisthenics is a form of Street workout which is calisthenics routines performed in an urban area. Arguably one of the hardest forms as it involves strength; focus ;stamina and cardio and putting it all together into a 3x3 minute routine.


"find your passion..."







Qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach
Bootcamp; HiiT Instructor and Sports Nutrition

Been training weights on and off for the last 14 years and has a Dark Brown belt in Kickboxing. He started doing calisthenics 4 years ago and more recently Street-workout and found his passion and never looked back. He has since taken up wall climbing and Obstacle course racing to improve stamina and grip strength.

Corporate worker by day and part-time monkey every other day.

"The beauty of calisthenics and Street Workout is that you are never bored and there is always something new to challenge oneself"

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The Team


"walls and floors are all you will need..."


Getting Here:

Uranium road is blocked and need to take  Pieter Wenning Rd. (by the Caltex garage off William Nicol drive.)

Our Address:

3 Alexis Preller Avenue; Sandton


+27 72 597 8708

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